Journalists accompanying Mamata Banerjee fined £50 for theft, news dominates social media conversations


Reports of journalists from Kolkata, who accompanied West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to London, being caught stealing and fined £50 have dominated the conversations on social media platforms.

Mamata Banerjee

Such reports have been appearing in Bengali newspapers, but the Outlook website became the first English website to carry a detailed report on Tuesday.

According to Outlook, the embarrassing development took place at a luxury hotel in London, where the Bengal CM was the VVIP guest. While the guests were having dinner, few journalists were caught on CCTV stealing cutlery items.

According to some reports, the first one to initiate the stealing was a senior journalist with a Bengali newspaper. This journalist in question reportedly often travelled with Banerjee on her foreign tours.

Journalists were later apprehended by security staff of the hotel since they were monitoring them through the CCTV cameras. According to Outlook report, while every journalist surrendered their ‘loot,’ one journalist ‘refused to admit that he had stolen anything and even dared the staff to search his pockets.’

He was threatened with police action if he did not cooperate. He eventually confessed to his crime and was let off after paying a fine of 50 pounds.

The topic has dominated the conversations on social media. Here are some reactions;


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