Journalist Vinod Dua calls Twinkle Khanna ’embarrassed wife’


Journalist Vinod Dua has responded to Twinkle Khanna after the latter defended her husband’s alleged sexist remarks for comedian Mallika Dua.

Vinod Dua

In a recent Facebook post, Vinod Dua wrote, “Ms.Twinkle Khanna responds to the laughter challenge controversy. It is a prosaic excuse from an embarrassed wife. Be that as it may, the point has been driven home. This chap will be careful in the future before making depraved statements like “Mallika ji aap Bell bajao, mai aapko bajaata hoon”. We don’t wish to pursue the matter any further.”

In a Star Plus show, which was never broadcast, Akshay had told Mallika, “Mallika Ji aap bell bajao main aapko bajaata hun.” The episode in question involved the stand-up comedian, Shyam Rangeela, whose mimicry of Narendra Modi had been dropped by Star Plus.

Twinkle had then taken to Instagram to defend her husband and also slam Mallika’s journalist father, Vinod Dua, because he said he was going to ‘screw this cretin Akshay Kumar.’

On Sunday, Twinkle was trolled for posting what she called was a ‘lame joke’ on the entire controversy.

Twinkle had tweeted, “What’s Akshay Kumar’s favourite car? Bell Gadi. Why did Akshay Kumar go to the mosque? He wanted to hear some duas.” Twinkle used a hashtag #LameJokes while writing, “I couldn’t resist these two and after this I am done :)”




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