Journalist Vikram Joshi, who was shot in head in front of daughters in Ghaziabad, passes away


Journalist Vikram Joshi, who was shot in his head by goons in Ghaziabad in front of his daughters, has succumbed to his injuries. Joshi had received bullet injuries after a group of goons in Ghaziabad fired at her for reporting sexual harassment of his niece to police. The chilling incident, which was caught on camera, had sent shockwaves across Uttar Pradesh.

Vikram Joshi

In the viral video, a group of criminals is seen attacking journalist Vikram Joshi. Joshi, who’s accompanied by his daughters, falls off his bike as his daughters run seeking help.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra attacked the government headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. She tweeted, “Journalist Vikram Joshi was shot at in front of his daughters because he opposed the sexual harassment of his niece. Today, he has passed away. Such is a jungle raj in Uttar Pradesh that an ordinary citizen is scared of criminals for filing complaint against them. The BJP government has failed on the issue of crimes just like previous governments.

The Ghaziabad Police later said that it had arrested five accused. It also released the photos of those arrested.


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