Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai files police complaint against lawyer Prashant Patel for ‘blatantly fake inciting tweets’


Rajdeep Sardesai has filed a police complaint in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi against a lawyer, identified as Prashant Patel, for posting ‘blatantly fake and inciting tweets’ attributing them to the veteran journalist.

Rajdeep Sardesai


Sardesai, now a consulting editor with India Today Group, wrote, “Have filed criminal complaint against the twitter handle @ippatel for putting out blatantly fake inciting tweets. Let us see what action @Uppolice and @DelhiPolice now take. Complaint attached.”

Sardesai’s complaint was written on the official letterhead of the India Today group suggesting the seriousness with which he has decided to take his complaint forward against Patel, who’s been facing flak on social media because of his past tweets, targetting Islam, women, journalists, veteran BJP leaders and even the RSS.

In his complaint addressed to the SSP of Noida, Love Kumar, Sardesai wrote, “I wish to bring to your notice a tweet put out by one Mr Prashant P Umrao in which he has quoted me saying; “Ek Hazaar Hinduon Ka Katl Karo,’ a totally false statement which can be only used to incite violence. The tweet was shown to me this morning by a friend. The tweet comes from a verified account of Mr Prashant P Umrao and is clearly designed to create mischief. Such a tweet and its user must be acted against.”

Sardesai goes to add, “I wish to file a complaint and seek action from the cyber cell against this individual, who I am told is an advocate based in Delhi. I am happy to cooperate in any such investigation. I am a public figure, who anchors a prime time show on India Today TV and such a false tweet opens me and my family to harm and can only incite communities.”

Patel shot to fame late last month after the Election Commission of India recommended the disqualifications of 20 AAP MLAs in office of profit case. Patel was widely hailed for being a crusader against corruption with TV channels making a beeline to have him as a guest.

However, the lawyer has had to face considerable embarrassment in the last two days after social media users began posting his past tweets targetting Islam, the RSS and women in general.


  1. Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai has taken the most appropriate legal step against hate tweets by filing a complaint. We the common people should not fall prey to such fake and hate campaigns from anyone.

  2. Rajdeep Sardesai is one of d main anchors from the new breed of anchors who dont read news like how the News readers of d earlier days of Neeti Ravendran s dignified group….just after them came a group of these self stylej jurnos from private channels
    so crass hate spewing castist mentality self opinionated arrogant and complete liars and fake news manufactures like him and Barkha and Nidhi then his wife Sagarika and a few more not even worth mentioning….these were guys pretending communist mentality n had access to billions of dollars of foreign fund….they and their masters spewed venom n continiously fanned hatred between communities….N Ram and Sekar Gupta…..this Country freedom of speach is not called freedom of speach…..but freedom to rant to abuse to call n elected Prime minister names like mass murderer etc etc……one of d saddest n d lowest point was when he was left with out thrashing black n blue in America….d Hindu crowd was too decent and this fellow was among them like a thug from a lynch mob…..rem him asking….is it Modi who told you to behave badly in this uncouth way…..he asked that to the crowd n d crowd just let him get away……the damage he did to this Country with his fake news and Modi bashing cannot b measured or repaired…..the whole communist NDTV and others just unleashed him on us Hindus and our PM Modi…..there must b a through enquiry on this fellows finances n his 40 crores bangalow he made out of this dirty business

  3. Dear sir please see that someone had given a word against the media ask from inner sence are we really fair to the society We pretend to be able and willing to work for the betterment of the betterment of the society but really black sheep look at the leaders and more public figure and estimate it with regards ps alok


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