Journalist Kalpesh Yagnik suicide case: Chilling audio of woman journalist blackmailing ex-boss goes viral


Police in Madhya Pradesh have arrested the woman journalist, whose blackmailing threats allegedly forced Dainik Bhaskar‘s Group Editor Kalpesh Yagnik to commit suicide last month.

Kalpesh Yagnik

Salona Arora was arrested by Mumbai Police from Mumbai where she was visiting her son. Arora, who was named in the Kalpesh suicide case as an accused, has been on the run since his death. She will be produced before a local court on Monday.

Speaking to reporters in Indore, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Harinarayanchari Mishra, said that Saloni frequently changed locations before the cops finally nabbed her from Mumbai on Sunday. Mishra added that Saloni had stayed in Delhi, Goa and Gujarat in the last fortnight.

It was alleged that Saloni was threatening Kalpesh and demanded Rs 5 crore from him. Meanwhile, an audio has surfaced where Saloni is heard threatening Kalpesh, who was her boss at the newspaper group before she was fired from her job. In the audio, Saloni is heard expressing her displeasure in an intimidating tone on her sacking from the media group.

She then goes on to demand a ransom of Rs 5 crore in exchange of not revealing the ‘secrets.’ She follows her demand for Rs 5 crore ransom while also ordering her to resign from his post. She, however, quickly clarifies that she was not going to stop her torture and blackmailing even if he resigned. The only difference his resignation will make, she adds, is that the degree of her blackmailing will reduce.

“It’s in your hands to reduce the frequency of the cyclone. I will give you slow poison if you quit Bhaskar, but if you don’t resign, you will only get cyanide,” she is heard saying. Saloni then warns her that she will ‘easily get’ Rs 5 crore from others if she shared the ‘evidence’ against him adding that ‘there were many people willing to pay her against that evidence.’

“Many people have offered me (this money) to destroy you,” she is heard saying.

Saloni is then heard bragging how she would have entered into a casual relationship with any film producers and made a lot of money. “I am 43. I still have charm and capacity to in me to have a relationship with producers. They don’t have to marry me, I don’t have to marry them. Wouldn’t they do things that I want for myself? The industry I work in has many crorepatis.

The discovery of the phone conversations between Salona and her ex-boss has evoked angry reactions from women activists. Men rights activist, Deepika Bharadwaj tweeted, “The blackmailer and #falserape threatening witch Saloni Arora who pushed Kalpesh Yagnik suicide arrested by Indore Police finally. Audios of this sick woman demanding 5 cr from Kalpesh have also come out. Horrible to hear Such women obviously have nothing else but Vagina to sell.”

Kalpesh Yagnik had committed suicide on July 12 by jumping off the roof of Dainik Bhaskar’s building in Indore. The phone call recordings, that have now gone viral, are also in the possession police.


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