JNU students, media persons attacked in Delhi court, police remain mute spectators


In an unprecedented development, a Delhi court saw violence right inside the court premises after teachers and students from the JNU were attacked allegedly by lawyers. who forced them along with reporters to leave the court room.

While this happened, the police simply watched, according to eye witnesses.

A large group of people, around 50 in numbers, were seen chanting slogans ‘Long Live India, Shut Down JNU’ while pushing people.

The violence broke out just before Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNU students’ union leader, was to be produced in Patiala House court.

A video shown on ABP News showed BJP MLA in Delhi assembly, OP Sharma, also joining the group to thrash a man.

Sharma later said that he wasn’t beating the man only trying to catch him because he was chating anti-India slogans.

An unrepentant Sharma then tweeted casting aspersions at media persons’ mothers. He, however, deleted the account in the face of growing backlash.


A reporter asked him if he had taken responsibility to issue people certificate on nationalism.

Pat came his reply, ‘Yes I’m taken.”


ABP reporter Ankit Gupta said that the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was inside the court in relation to his defamation case against Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, when goons thrashed innocent people with impunity.

NDTV’s Sonal Mehrotra said she was inside the court-room, seated near senior professors from JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) when a group of lawyers confronted them aggressively and asked them to leave “right now”.

When the NDTV journalist identified herself, the men warned, “We don’t require you here, leave or you will be harmed.” Five policemen who witnessed the interaction did not intervene.

Meanwhile, JNU Teachers’ Association has called for strike on Tuesday

Kanhaiya has been slapped charges of sedition by Delhi police after he attacked the Sangh ideologies in a speech before a gathering of students.

The development has evoked angry reactions from social media users who have begun asking questions to Delhi Police for its utter failure to provide security inside the court premises.


Here are some reactions from twitter:




  1. I hope in future media will be tracking our personal relationship also. Shame on media
    We say dirty politics, even media has such a face.
    Court rooms have certain respectful privacy in certain cases. You media people R now not a law, behold your common sense, and think 100 times before u track everywhere in such a matter.
    We gentlemans keep quite, it doesn’t mean we don’t know one’s right.
    Respect judiciary and leave them to make decisions, rather creating pressure.
    You media people lost the balance n ethics of good and bad sides in rat race of trp.


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