JNU Row: Several journalists allege Delhi police visited their homes unannounced

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In a very disturbing development, the Delhi police personnel investigating the allegations of anti-slogans on JNU campus have reported visited the homes of several journalists covering the case.

NDTV journalist Manas Roshan wrote that three plain-clothes policemen had turned up, unannounced, at his home at around 9:30 on Sunday night.

Manas said that he was not at home when police visited his house but cops, instead, questioned his brother, Nikhil Roshan.

Elsewhere, journalists working for several other publications invluding The Hindu, Hindustan Times and Times of India have made similar allegations of they being questioned by police at at their homes.

A report in The Hindu said that the police had obtained call records of all those who had tried to contact the missing JNU students. The missing students accused of sedition are Umar Khalid, Anirban, Ashutosh, Rama Naga and Ananth Prakash. They arrived back on Sunday night and addressed a gathering on the campus last night.

Umar in particular told gathering that he was not a terrorist even he had a Muslim name.

These revelations come after a journalist with a news portal complained of being detained in Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh two days ago.

He was later interrogated in Delhi for calls made to Umar Khalid.

Roshan said that he had never made any call to any of the students who went missing.

What’s puzzling and disturbing here is that the manner in  which cops turned up at the houses of journalists unannounced.



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