JKR Impact: CAG likely to audit Modi government’s Rafale deal


In a significant development, it has emerged that the Comptroller and Auditor General had brought the Rafale fighter jets deal struck by Prime Minister Narendra Modi under its radar.


A report by Indian Express quoted a source as saying, “The Rafale deal has to be audited by the CAG. For us, it is a routine audit.” The source also said that the national auditor will audit the Rafale deal like any high value transaction needs to be audited adding that it will be carried out on priority.

Janta Ka Reporter had exclusively carried a three-part series exposing a potential corruption running into thousands of crores when PM Modi signed a deal for 36 Rafale jets with the French government. (Read Part1 & Part 2 & Part 3 )

In the Rafel deal, to be audited by the CAG, Modi is personally accused of scrapping the UPA’s defence deal with the French company on 126 Rafale fighter jets with transfer of technology to India to help friend Anil Ambani?  Modi had actually agreed to pay France  Rs 952.52 crore more for each of the 36 aircraft ordered even without the transfer of technology clause, which the previous UPA government had manage to include in the contract.

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had later denied any wrongdoing in the deal but also refused to disclose the details of the price at which the Modi government signed the contract due to a certain clause in the “Agreement between The Government of the Republic of India and The Government of the French Republic concerning the Protection of Classified Information and Material in the field of Defence.” Janta Ka Reporter had conclusively established how Sitharaman may have misled the parliament with her response.

You can our full coverage on Rafale scam here.


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