Jitendra Tomar taken to KS Saket PG College


Jitendra Singh Tomar was reportedly taken to K.S. Saket P.G. College, Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday night for further investigation following his arrest in an alleged fake degree controversy.

According to reports, Tomar was taken to the college located in Ayodhya to verify documents and for further questioning to validate the alleged fake LLB degree he possesses.

Tomar, who was arrested on Tuesday without any prior notice for an ‘alleged fake LLB degree‘, told a news agency, “My degree is real. This is a conspiracy by the Central Government.” He further assured the public that he would win the case and soon work with the party again. Following the arrest, Tomar also resigned from the party on ‘moral grounds’.

He was also taken to Faizabad college on Wednesday as a part of further probe.

The Aam Aadmi Party reportedly moved court in the case pertaining to Tomar’s arrest and the hearing is likely to take place later today, Thursday.


  1. What happens to the inner fabric of a nation where so called “free” media uses their marketing skills to hide diabolical acts of LG who under the order of central Government makes it impossible for the elected representatives of an overwhelmingly popular Government to perform development program for AAM AADMI. These media and their masters are the modern day MIRZAFAR. People of Delhi better wake up and learn to recognize who is there to protect their interest?


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