Modi launches Mudra scheme in Jharkhand


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched the Mudra scheme in Dumka under which people can take loans up to Rs.10 lakh to start businesses.

Modi said while launching the scheme in the state, “The Mudra scheme is one step forward to accelerate development in the country. Till now, 42 lakh people have taken benefits under the Mudra scheme and loans of Rs.26,000 crore have been given.”

He said, pointing out that interest would have to be paid on the amount withdrawn through the debit card and not on the entire loan amount, “Of these 42 lakh people, 20 lakh are women. This is the best example of empowerment of women, who will become a part of the development.”

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The Pradhan Mantri MUDRA (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency) Yojana was launched in April to help small entrepreneurs. In Jharkhand, around one lakh people have been given loans under the Mudra scheme.

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Modi also criticised political rivals who talked about poor people.

The Prime minister added, “Politics has been done in the last 60 years in the name of the poor but no one thought about mothers cooking food by burning fuelwood. We have till now given LPG cylinders to 18 lakh poor people. On my appeal, 31 lakh people have given up LPG cylinder subsidies.”

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“Today is the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and he will be happy if forests are saved by not cutting trees for fuelwood to cook food,” Modi said.

The prime minister also launched the renovation of a series of Maluti temples in Dumka district of Jharkhand. He said, “By renovation and conservation of the Maluti temples, tourism will be developed in the Santhal region that will generate jobs for the youth.”


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