Jharkhand cricket association asks “What was the name of Lord Rama’s only sister?”


If you aspire to be a part of Jharkhand State Cricket Association, then the knowledge of cricket is not what you are required to possess the most.

cricket association

Chances are that your knowledge on Hindu mythology will more likely secure you a place in the coveted cricket body in the BJP-ruled state.

The JSCA recently opened the doors for the aam aadmi to what’s been an elite sporting body. And to determine that only deserving candidates join them to decide the future of cricket in the state, the JSCA organised a written test.

As reported by the Indian Express, candidates were expected to answer questions on Hindu mythology among other non-cricketing subjects.

Some of the questions asked were as follows;

“What was the name of Lord Rama’s only sister?”
“Which Indian goddess is the counterpart of Greek Athena and Roman Minerva?”
“Who said, ‘If anything is certain, it is that I myself am not a Marxist’?”

The test was held on Sunday and a majority of the 941 applicants who appeared for the written examination couldn’t answer them and most of the other 40 questions within the 45-minute deadline.

As many as 300 of them couldn’t answer even one question correctly while 200 got two-three correct answers — the highest mark achieved was an impressive 17.

There is no ‘pass mark’ and the association will now convene a managing committee meeting to decide on the successful candidates.

Amitabh Chaudhary, president, JSCA, said, “We will call for a managing committee meeting soon and decide whom to include as members of the JSCA. We are happy to receive such a response and it’s the first time this kind of initiative has been taken by any state association.”



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