Jet Airways ‘prints’ passenger’s Aadhar details on boarding pass


Despite Supreme Court ruling in favour of Right to Privacy being a fundamental right, Jet Airways has reportedly gone ahead with making submission of biometric details while checking-in for air travel.
Jet Airways

A passenger, Suvodeep Das, took to Twitter on Thursday morning to post a copy of his boarding pass. Das claimed that the airlines had published his Aadhar details on his boarding pass.

He wrote, “Here’s the @jetairways boarding card with my #Aadhar on it (bar code blacked out) – I was forced to enter it during mobile check-in last eve”

In his earlier tweet posted on Wednesday evening, Das had asked Jet Airways, “Hey @jetairways – since when did you make Aadhar mandatory for mobile check ins? It says ‘optional’ but the App didn’t let me proceed!”

Actor Shruti Seth too had complained about the airlines making Aadhar mandatory for to be able to complete her booking process.

She on Twitter, “When you write (optional) then why do you refuse to accept my request to check-in, till I don’t put my adhaar details, @jetairways? Strange. Also, why do you need my adhaar details for me to web check-in, @jetairways?”

The airlines has not reacted yet. The news, however, has caused huge outrage on social media platforms with users asking if the airlines had ‘lost it.’


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