JD(U)’s ‘Dahi-Chura’ invitation to BJP heats up political pot


JD(U)’s invitation to BJP on ‘Dahi-Chura’ feast tomorrow on the occasion of Makarsankranti heated political pot in Bihar today.

It is being seen as an extension of bonhomie between the two parties after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s support to demonetisation and which got strength after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effusive praise of Kumar during Prakash Parva.

JDU BJP dahi chura

JD(U) ally Congress and some other parties expressed displeasure over the invitation to BJP.

Invitation to BJP for ‘Dahi-Chura’, the first since 2013 when JD(U) severed ties with the saffron party, has set the tongue wagging in political circles.

The JD(U) feast would be held at the residence of Bihar party chief Basistha Narayan Singh.

“Since its an auspicious occasion, I have invited everybody in the ‘bhoj’ irrespective of political affiliations,” Basistha Narayan Singh told PTI today.

“I have invited Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, RJD president Lalu Prasad, BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi, Congress leaders and also those from CPI and CPI(M),” Singh said.

Sushil Modi, who skipped the Makarsankranti feast hosted by Prasad today, told reporters that he would attend the ‘bhoj’ organised by Basistha Narayan Singh tomorrow.

The senior BJP leader gave strength to media speculations over display of bonhomie between former allies BJP and JD(U) that started from Nitish Kumar’s support to demonetisation and peaked after PM’s praise of Kumar.

He said, “During Makarsankranti, the sun changes direction from South to North. Like change in weather, change in politics could never be ruled out. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?”

On inviting Modi, Basistha Narayan Singh said, “Its a social gathering to promote ‘sadbhavna’ (harmony) and no political meaning should be derived from it.”

“Bihar is witnessing a rare display of unity among all parties over passing of new Excise Law, 2016, and all parties deciding to participate in human chain on coming January 21 to express strong commitment to prohibition. We wish to further strengthen this sadbhavna,” Singh said.

But, Congress is not impressed.

State Congress president and minister Ashok Choudhary told reporters that JD(U) could explain better why they have invited BJP in a political feast after no such invitation for two years.

“Had it been some personal occasion like marriage, it could be understood. But inviting BJP in a political feast is something only JD(U) can explain,” Choudhary said.

He was non-committal over attending the feast and said tomorrow he would go to Siwan.


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