Jat reservation protests spiral out of control in Haryana, minister’s house set on fire


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal on Friday expressed concern over the fast deteriorating law and order situation due to protests by Jat over their reservation demands.

He said that the ruling BJP was trying to divide the state along the caste lines.

Kejriwal, who himself hails from Haryana, said, “Haryana- pl maintain peace. BJP is playing caste politics dividing Haryana into Jats n non-Jats. Pl don’t fall into BJP’s trap n stay united.(sic).”

Earlier today, in an extraordinary development, the Jat protesters demanding quota for their community set the house of the BJP minister Captain Abhimanyu on fire.

This came after it was reported that thousands of students had remained stuck in schools in Gurgaon as the protesters refused to allow the movement of school buses.

One person has also died and nine injured after police opened fire on a group of protesters near Rohtak. Hours later, two more protesters, who were injured in police firing, died in hospital.

Indian Railways PRO confirmed that about 550 passenger trains going from Delhi to Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Jammu  were affected.

Anil Saxena said that more than 80 goods trains including the coal supply to Punjab  were also affected.

Haryana’s DGP Yashpal Singhal told ANI that he had spoken to the Arming chief General Dalbir Suhag requesting for the deployment of army to control the boiling situation.

Shoot-at-sight orders have also been issued in curfew-bound city areas of violence-hit Rohtak and Bhiwani in Haryana.

This came moments before protesters set RN Mall in Rohtak on fire. There are reports that the Jat protesters also looted a private armoury in Rohtak running away with guns and ammunition.

Jats are demanding reservation in the Backward Castes category, but the Manohar Lal Khattar government has announced it will offer reservation only under the economically backward category with four other castes, Jat Sikh, Ror, Tyagi and Bishnoi.

Not only do Jats form nearly 30 percent of Haryana’s voters but they also send at least one third legislators from their community in the new assembly over a year ago.

The protests have affected at least 11 districts.

The opposition parties have sharpening their knives against Khattar calling the developments as sign of breakdown in governance.

Congress’ Ragini Naik said, ” Unfortunate that this chief minister is known for making inflammatory statements than governance. The governance under Khattar has completely collapsed.”



  1. The entire economic situation in the country has collapsed.People have no money.BJP in cahoots with the Supari journalists are suppressing the real information and truth about the economy from coming out.Govt manipulating data about GDP etc.According to old formula , GDP of India is actually 4.5 and not 7 and 8.Each percentage difference can wipe out 20% of a company’s turnover…and that is the reason banks are being buried under loan defaults.Some of the highest loan defaults in history of Indian banking are happening now.This is a ripe situation for mass social unrest unless this feku govt comes to its senses and stops spending 100 crores for song and dance for Make in India.This situation will lead to an explosion soon.


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