Jantakareporter.com Impact: ‘Guilty Mumbai cops’ transferred, AAP calls it ‘small victory in a big fight’


Mumbai Police on Sunday ordered the transfer of officers accused of torturing a Muslim youth in what was described as a blatant hate crime.

After Jantakareporter.com had carried a detailed piece highlighting Mumbai’s Asif Shaikh’s horrendous experience, Mumbai police swung into action and decided to take actions against the guilty officers.

Asif Shaikh, a college going teenager was picked up by Mumbai cops in the early hours on 18 October and thrashed for hours at Bandra Police Station by Police Inspector Kedar Pawar and 4-5 other constables. He was further humiliated as the cops allegedly told him ‘there was no place for him in India and was told to go to Pakistan.

The Aam Aadmi Party, which had started a huge campaign against the guilty policemen, has described today’s development as a vindication of their stand.

A statement from the party said, “The transfer of these officers is not justice, but it vindicates our stance – indeed these cops had crossed all lines in this case. There is a growing intolerance amongst Mumbai Police – the beating at Lalbuag, some more such cases in Dharavi all are danger signs of a larger malaise.

The party had got involved in the case after learning that the hospital where Asif’s relatives had admitted him for treatment had ‘thrown him out.’

Preeti Sharma Menon, AAP spokeswoman, said, “AAP believes that the long duty hours, and complete absence of training is damaging our force. Police brutality can only be treated in the long term with Police Reforms. But for now, if the Chief Minister wants to keep a disciplined force it is imperative that he sends them a clear message that he will not tolerate brutality or communal violence.”

You can read the detailed story of Asif Shaikh: http://www.jantakareporter.com/india/exclusive-its-time-we-all-said-my-name-is-asif-and-i-will-not-go-to-pakistan/23261


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