Janta Ki Cabinet KEY UPDATES


– Yesterday, our Govt completed 100 days of governance, so I thought it was our responsibility to share our work with you: CM Arvind Kejriwal

– Today HC has ruled that Centre and Home Ministry have no rights to interfere with Delhi ACB: CM Arvind Kejriwal

– When God is with you, you don’t have to worry who is against you: CM Arvind Kejriwal

– It’s a miracle that we got 67 seats, God is with us: CM Kejriwal

– Water, education, health, inflation, women’s safety and pollution control are the areas we’re working on: CM Kejriwal

– Chief Secy KK Sharma & Principal Secy Shakuntala Gamlin on stage.



– AAP launched e-ration cards & 1.8 lakhs have been issued so far: Asim Ahmed Khan

– We raided 9 petrol pumps for illegal activities; Asim Ahmed Khan

– 14 lakh new saplings to be planted for greener Delhi, every family should come forward & support this initiative: Asim Ahmed Khan

– Each E-rickshaw will get Rs.15,000 subsidy (a proposal being worked out, hope to implement soon): Asim Ahmed Khan

– Kaala dhan (black money) chhodo, pradhan mantri (PM) ko to desh mein le aao: Sandeep Kr.

– 1880 new buses will ply on the roads

– Promise to bring 10,000 new buses & make Delhi pollution-free, want LG/DDA to help us procure land for new depots: Gopal Rai

– We will address auto drivers’ grievances but if they harass/trouble passengers, we will take stern action: Gopal Rai

– Planning for the 4th phase of Delhi Metro along with all concerned departments: Gopal Rai

– If any labour’s economic right is snatched by middle-men, the culprits will be put into Tihar jail: Gopal Rai

– If media houses don’t follow Majethia Committe recommendations, we will initiate action against them via SDM: Gopal Rai

– Dilli sarkar ka hai paigam, hum honeymoon period mein bhi karte hain kaam: Gopal Rai

– Our efforts, hard work for the people is giving heart-ache to some because their barricades can’t stop us: Gopal Rai

– If some forces want to crush democratic forces then they must remember the Paris Commune incident: Gopal Rai

– Media questions about our work, hope they heard our ministers and the work undertaken by our departments: Manish Sisodia

– You are free to compare our achieved targets in 100 days with previous govts. : Manish Sisodia

– We requested Modi ji to work with us instead of fighting among ourselves: Manish Sisodia

– We don’t boast that corruption has ended completely, but huge progress has been made & will continue to fight: M Sisodia

– We don’t have a magic wand but we abolished the “transfer-posting industry” – Manish Sisodia

– We don’t boast that corruption has ended completely, but huge progress has been made & will continue to fight: M Sisodia

– New pipelines being laid. Bawana, Dwarka water plants were dysfunctional due to water-tanker mafia but we reopened them: Sisodia

– 20,000 teachers will be teaching in schools withing a year, issues of infrastructure will be taken care of: M Sisodia

– Installation of CCTV cams to keep a check on teachers and misbehaviour by students: Manish Sisodia

– Soft loans for students for higher education: Manish Sisodia

– Can’t equate sacrifices of our law enforcement officials/men w/ money,but incase of loss of life 1crore compensation:Sisodia

– There are 2 kinds of corruption: Extortionist & Mutual If we can reduce them to 80-90%, it will be great: CM Kejriwal

– Host: You never thank the media, why are you angry?
CM Kejriwal: Thank you media! We are not angry with them but hate lies.

– We will be installing CCTV cams in DTC buses soon & marshalls too for safety of women: CM Kejriwal

– Apne haath pair khulwane ki ladai jaari rahegi(with Centre) aur kaam karna bhi lekin hum milke kaam karna chahte hain:Kejriwal


  1. We are proud of JANTA KA REPORTER which HATES hit around the “GARBAGES” and focuses on our HOPEFUL FUTURE.

  2. How do you become janata reporter if you are unable to publish criticisms along with applauds. more over your reach in southern states is nil. how can you represent total india with your limited comments on Delhi only. DELHI is not nation it is a city mind it.I donot understand like others you too eliminate comments which are not in your favour. WHY? No transperency in editing comments posted by southern states.


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