JNU student Umar Khalid praises Burhan Wani on Facebook, deletes post


JNU student Umar Khalid, who is out on bail in a sedition case today kicked off another controversy by comparing Burhan Wani, the Hizbul Mujahideen commander who was gunned down earlier this week, with a revolutionary.

“I don t care if I fall as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting. These were the words of Che Guevara, but could have just been Burhan Wani s too,” he said in a facebook post which he removed hours later.

He praised Wani for his bravery and said, “Burhan wasn t scared of death, he was scared of a life lived in subjugation.

He detested it. He lived a free man, died a free man …..”.

Khalid has earlier been a centre of controversy for being one of the organisers of the controversial event in JNU against hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru during which anti-national slogans were allegedly raised.

His remarks on Burhan did not go down well with the RSS student wing ABVP which has been locked in an ideological battle with the left-affiliated groups in JNU campus.

“After supporting Afzal Guru, Khalid has now expressed his sympathies with Burhan, this is an indicative of his association with terrorists and his support for them. Such anti-nationsals are even dangerous for the society than terrorists. I demand that his bail be cancelled and investigation about his links be conducted,” Saurabh Sharma, lone ABVP member in JNU students union said in a statement.


  1. Whenever im make distinction between a Good Terrorists and Bad Terrorist. For Khalid / Pakistanis/ Owaisi Naik and many other he was a good terriorist. Indian experiment with muslims in fact non muslim countries experiperiment with muslim have utterly failed. Pakistan was created for them and they should move there else there will never be peace in india. Whenever, India talks to Pakistan, deportation of muslim who are pakistanis should on the top of agenda. Muslim will never change anywhere located in world and will s always be disloyal. Now his friend Kanayahia will not stay behind and that free loader will curse india too

  2. Its strange that these self proclaimed revolutionaries exercise their freedom of speech only in such matters….Where were they during those attacks held in last month….Do they have no terms in their glossary to define those attacks, something as maoist, marxist, good/bad terror, islamophobic, pro-hindutva etc…….May be he hasn’t prepared a list of how many hindus, muslims,sikhs or dalits were shot dead……..Umar khalid constantly speaks against Indian activities in Kashmir and POK then why hasn’t he spoken against the aids provided by India in Pok during catastrophes as he was working for kashmir ki azaadi…..May be his revered revolutionary heroes and himself think that they can feed those burning stomachs with bullets and putting guns in their hands is better than a book or a degree……….


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