Jai Shri Ram slogans chanted as Asaduddin Owaisi takes oath in Lok Sabha, AIMIM MP responds with ‘Allahu Akbar’


AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi on Tuesday took oath in the 17th Lok Sabha amidst chanting of Jai Shri Ram and Vande Mataram slogans. He responded to his detractors by saying, Allahu Akbar.

Asaduddin Owaisi

No sooner was Owaisi’s name announced, the AIMIM MP began to face heckling seemingly from BJP MPs who began to shout Jai Shri Ram, Vande Mataram, and Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Unperturbed by the heckling, Owaisi was seen encouraging them to shout their slogans even louder.

The MP from Hyderabad took his oath in Urdu before deciding to give it back to his detractors as he ended with “Jai Bheem, Jai Meem, Takbeer Allahu Akbar, Jai Hind.”

This left those chanting Jai Shri Ram to provoke the AIMIM MP stumped as they did not expect Owaisi to conclude his oath by pronouncing the Takbeer Allahu Akbar slogan.

Later, speaking to news agency ANI, Owaisi said, “It is good that they remember such things when they see me. I hope they will also remember the constitution and deaths of children in Muzaffarpur.”

In the last month’s Lok Sabha polls, Owaisi had defeated his rival from the BJP, Dr. Bhagavanth Rao, by a margin of nearly three lakh votes. In this year’s parliamentary polls, his party has added one more MP after journalist-turned-politician, Imtiaz Jaleel, pulled off a spectacular win from Maharashtra’s Aurangabad by defeating Shiv Sena’s Chandrakant Khaire in a photo-finish contest.


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