J P Nadda says, “we have put an end to Malaria, TB, HIV”, twitter users ask ‘in which county’?


Union Minister of Health, J P Nadda made a comment about how government had been instrumental in eliminating various epidemic diseases from the country.

J P NaddaAs reported by Doordarshan News, he quoted


The online users made a mockery of the statement with their following replies :

Almost every reply to this comment questioned the reality behind it. We bring you some latest figures on the number of cases reported for Malaria, TB and HIV in India :
(I) As per all India report by National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP), 267,466 cases of Malaria have been recorded in India in 2017. State wise data available on the official link below :


(II) Tuberculosis :
In March 2017, as per a report by the Indian Express , the disease kills 480,000 to 500,000 Indians every year, making it a big challenge for India to achieve its goal of being TB free by 2025. India still has 24 per cent of world’s TB cases.

(III) HIV Cases

As per a report published by Hindustan Times in July this year, India still has 2.1 million cases of HIV, however, there is a drop by 50% in the past decade.




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