‘Issue of Premature retirement on OROP has not been understood’


Lt Gen (Retd) Ata Hasnain

On the issue of Premature Retirement (PMR) cases not getting OROP under the new announcement, I am not sure whether people in uniform and in the civvy street have understood the implication.

The government should realise that premature retirement after 20 years is something advantageous to the entire management of the cadre. If a Lt Col is finally not cleared for promotion say in 18 years of service, he actually does the government a favour by leaving in 20 years of service.

Otherwise, he will carry on till 33 years of service to retire at the age of 54. This means he has to be put through 5-6 postings and remain motivated which is itself questionable. Does a person who leaves in 20 years service and earns minimum pension not deserve to have his pension equated through the subsequent years with officers who will also similarly leave at that service level.

I think this issue has not been understood. You may now find no takers for PMR and people will be happy to pull along in non empanelled status till the age of 54, bloating the non empanelled cadre. Niggardly and poorly understood and probably very poorly explained by the Services.

A jawan who does not take his extendable two years cannot be classified to have gone home on PMR/VRS. He has done his colour service and earned the minimum pension.

P.S. Been informed by someone authoritative that they were thoroughly confused about PMR and VRS, the latter has never been applied in our case. This means OROP will apply to all PMR cases. Cheers.

Lt Gen (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain was Corps Commander, 15  (Chinar) Corps, Srinagar

This above content has been taken from Gen Hasnain’s Facebook wall.


  1. Once a jawan/service person has put in minimum pensionable service he should be covered by OROP.
    Those who leave prior to minimum pensionable service being left out is still understandable.Habit of delaying decisions and making announcements keeping electoral considerations is poor decision making.


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