Israeli wedding celebrates Palestinian baby’s murder with knife through toddler’s picture


In one of the most despicable acts by Israeli militants, video footage has emerged appearing to show guests at a wedding in Jerusalem celebrating the death of a Palestinian toddler.

The video was shown on Israeli TV and showed wedding guests dancing with guns and knives.

One guest appears to be dancing with a knife through a picture of 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh, who died with his parents when their home in the village of Duma in the occupied Westbank was set alight in July.

Israeli officials described the attack as “Jewish terrorism”, The Independent reported quoting Daily Mail.

The video was posted on twitter from the twitter handle of an Israeli TV News 10.

BBC reported that the Israeli police had begun investigating

Ali Dawabsheh, who was burned to death in a July 31 arson attack that also killed his parents in Duma, a West Bank village. The only survivor was Ali’s brother, 4-year-old Ahmad, who is still recovering in an Israeli hospital. Israeli officials called the attack an act of terrorism and blamed Jewish extremists.

Israel’s prime minister said the video, which shows a reveller stabbing a picture of the toddler, was “shocking”.

According to New York Times, many of the perpetrators are believed to belong to a violent extremist religious Jews who live in Jewish settlements deep in the West Bank.

Lenny Goldberg, the father of the bride whose wedding was shown in the video, implied that the leaking of the video served the interests of security agencies. “Public opinion was against the G.S.S.,” Mr. Goldberg told Israeli news outlets, referring to the General Security Service, another name for the Shin Bet, “and then the wedding made kosher what they want to do.”

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