Is PM Modi behind CBI leaking information to media, asks Manish Sisodia in his letter to agency director


Delhi’s deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia, on Sunday wrote a scathing letter to the CBI Director, Anil Sinha, demanding information on who was leaking information to the media regarding its raids on CM’s office earlier this month.

In a two-page letter addressed to Sinha, he wrote, “CBI has been leaking information in an attempt to defame the Delhi government and its chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal. You must know that the CBI’s job is to impartially probe the matter and not leak information to the media.”

Sisodia then asked Sinha if Prime Minister Narendra Modi was responsible behind this selective leaking as the agency reported to him directly.

He said, ” We’ve come to know from the media that CBI had discovered five audio recordings after its raids on the CM’s office and it planned to expand its investigation etc etc. I can only understand one motive behind leaking of such information and that is to defame Delhi government, its officers and the chief minister. I would like to know if this is happening at the behest of the Prime Minister, who the CBI directly reports to.”

He asked Sinha to launch an inquiry to find the culprit behind these leaks if the order wasn’t coming from the PMO.

He wrote, “If it’s not the prime minister and it is the handiwork of some low ranking officers in the CBI, then I demand on behalf of the Delhi government, that an inquiry must be launched to fix the responsibility.”

He said that the failure to take action on his letter will be a proof that Prime Minister Modi was indeed behind this exercise of defaming opposition parties.



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