Railways to restrict online booking via IRCTC to only six a month


If you are a frequent traveller in Indian train and often rely on the IRCTC website to book your journeys, there’s a bad new for you.

Indian Railways will restrict the number of booking made through the IRCTC website to just 6 a month from 15 February. The threshold for online users up until now was 10 bookings a month.

Quoting a senior railway ministry official, the PTI reported that this had been done to prevent any possible misuse of online booking facility.

‘A genuine passenger does not require to book tickets online for more than six times in a month,’ he said.

The ministry has concluded that 90 percent of users were booking only up to six tickets in a given month and only 10 per cent were booking more than six.

The government suspected that these 10 percent users may have potentially indulged in touting activities.

According to the existing rules, only two tickets can be booked by any single user using his/her user id. Aside from that, individuals are allowed to book only two tickets per user-id in a day for Tatkal booking from 10 AM to 12 noon.



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