IPS officer D Roopa refuses to accept award from NGO funded by BJP MP and Republic TV founder


Karnataka’s IPS officer, D Roopa, who had shot to fame for exposing VIP treatment given to V Sasikala inside a Bengaluru jail last year, has refused to accept an award from an NGO, run by BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

D Roopa

She wrote to the chairman of Namma Bengaluru Foundation, a Bengaluru–based NGO stating that her ‘conscience does not permit her to accept the reward.’

“Every government servant is expected to maintain neutrality and equidistance from all quasi-political bodies and associations that have even the bare minimum political overtone. Only then a public servant can maintain a clean and fair image in the eyes of the public,” she was quoted by news agency ANI.

“It becomes all the more relevant now in the view of the ensuing elections,” she added.

Roopa, who is currently posted as Inspector General of Police (Home Guard and Civil Defence, Bengaluru), said that the award carried a “heavy cash reward” and that she wanted to maintain “equi-distance from quasi-political bodies and associates.”

Chandrasekhar, who has funded the RSS-leaning Republic TV, was recently elected to the Rajya Sabha on the BJP ticket. Roopa along with seven government officials were shortlisted for the Government Official of the Year category.

Roopa is known for not paying heed to political rankings or politicians’ power as long as she follows the book. As an SP in Madhya Pradesh, she had arrested the then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Uma Bharti after the court order in a rioting case.


  1. Liar cop. she was begging for the award and called the jury members incessantly. when she didn’t win, she goes to town crying. How did she refuse before the awards were announced even?

  2. Well done Roopa. “Heavy cash award” is nothing but an indirect way to bribe for future cases. Well done for keeping yourself far from any political touches.


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