Intruder shot dead after he rams car into Farooq Abdullah’s house


Police in Jammu and Kashmir have shot dead a man, whose car rammed into the residence of former chief minister Farooq Abdullah and began ransacking the premises.

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Abdullah, a Lok Sabha MP, is in New Delhi to attend the ongoing monsoon session of the parliament. The intruder has been identified as one Murfas Shah, whose father runs a gun factory at Ban-Talab in Jammu.

“He was with me last night. He goes to gym daily and left for that today. I want to know why was he killed. Where were the security guards when he breached the gate? Why didn’t they arrest him,” the intruder’s father was quoted by ANI.

Jammu Senior Superintendent of Police Vivek Gupta told ANI, “The intruder breached the main gate and went inside. He had a scuffle with the duty officers there. Duty officer was also injured. After that he entered the residence, there has been some sort of damage to the articles over there. Subsequently, he was shot dead.”

Abdullah’s son, Omar Abdullah, tweeted, “I am aware of the incident that took place at the residence my father & I share in Bhatindi, Jammu. Details are sketchy at the moment. Initial reports suggest an intruder was able to gain entry through the front door & in to the upper lobby of the house.”

“Further details are awaited as the security personnel carry out the anti-sabotage checks & ascertain the background of the person who was able to force his way in to the house.”

The incident is being deemed as a major security breach since Abdullah senior enjoys the Z-plus security cover. The intruder was shot dead on the stairs leading to the National Conference leader’s bedroom.


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