Two inter-faith marriages in Kerala, one branded Love Jihad other a case of humanity


A Muslim woman marrying a Hindu Dalit man in Kerala is being hailed as a great example of humanity even as the Supreme Court this week directed NIA to probe another inter-faith marriage involving Muslim man and a Hindu woman.

inter faith marriages kerala
Photo: Indian Express

The latest case of inter-religion marriage in Kerala involves 36-year-old MB Pramod and 30-year-old I Meharunnisa, who got married on Wednesday at the former’s home at Poonjar in Kottayam district, reported Indian Express. Pramod, who is completely paralysed below his waist, had met Meharunnisa, on Facebook two years ago.

In the case of Akhila Hadiya, a Hindu woman, who had married her Muslim lover, Shafin Jahan, the Kerala High Court had made an extraordinary intervention to annul their marriage prompting the husband to seek a reprieve from the Supreme Court. But far from providing any relief to the couple, which has since been separated against their will, the apex court ordered the top investigating body, the NIA, to probe if their marriage was a case of a phenomenon called, Love Jihad, a term popularly used by the right-wing Hindutva groups in India.

This despite the fact that on Thursday, Hadiya, who is in her 20s, told activist and writer, Rahul Easwar, that she wanted to remain Muslim and her parents had kept her in confinement against her wish.

In the video posted by Easwar, Hadiya is seen expressing her frustration over being kept in solitary confinement adding that ‘Is keeping me like this enough? Is this all my life is going to be?’ She then also goes on to allege that her mother was not allowing her to perform namaaz.

Just like Hadiya, Meharunnisa’s family too alleged she had been trapped by the Hindu Dalit man. She told Indian Express, “My family and others thought I was trapped. They spread messages on social media groups that a Muslim woman had eloped with a Hindu man. There were audio clips saying I should be brought back. However, there was no threat from anyone.”

India’s ruling BJP has made Love Jihad a huge election issue in the recent past accusing the Muslims to target Hindu girls in order to ensure their conversations to Islam. However, India’s home minister, Rajnath Singh, had denied the existence of Love Jihad, when asked to comment on it in September 2014.



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