‘Inspired’ by rape accused Asaram, ads condemn Valentine’s Day on Delhi Metro


Delhi Metro has carried dozens of ads in its trains running on several routes condemning the Valentine’s Day.

The posters, claiming to be inspired by the self-claimed godman Asaram Bapu, now in jail on charges of raping a minor, have urged people to mark Valentine’s Day as Matra Pitra Pujan Diwas (Day to worship parents) instead.

The ad, which carries a dominating image of Asaram has contrasting photos of children paying obeisance to their parents and an old image of couple being punished by cops for displaying their love in public.

The ad has been placed by a group called Bal Sanskar Kendra, which has urged parents to send their children to its centre for right values to be inculcated in them.

These images have now gone viral on social media platform with many criticising Delhi Metro for ‘endorsing’ what many have termed regressive campaign.

Anuj Dayal, Executive Director, Corporate Communications told PTI, “The Delhi Metro always endeavours to ensure that the advertisements displayed inside the Delhi Metro trains or premises have no objectionable or indecent portrayal of people, products etc. The advertisements were displayed by a private contractor as all the advertising space inside the Delhi Metro premises are allotted to specialised agencies who in turn allot them to interested advertisers. The matter is being thoroughly examined and taken up with the contractor concerned for appropriate necessary action.”

Though members of Bal Sanskar Kendra say they’ve paid for the advertisements to be up until 14 February, Metro officials have indicated that the ads are likely to be pulled down.

“The picture depicts the plight of a couple who were caught celebrating Valentine’s Day in a public park at Raipur where the state government officially celebrates ‘Matri Pitri Pujan Diwas’. We want other state governments to come up with similar orders,” Manish Goswami, the functionary said.

D N Singh, another functionary of Bal Sanskar Kendra was Indian Express, “We are not aware of any directive to pull down the advertisements. We have already paid Delhi Metro for this and have put up posters and hoardings across 50 Metro stations, mostly on the busy Yellow and Blue Line for awareness among commuters. We believe the day should be observed as Matri Pitri Pujan Diwas and not Valentine’s Day.”

Ritesh Sharma, a regular commuter, said, “It is ironical that the Delhi Metro, a symbol of development, has such regressive advertisements. When I saw these on my way to work this morning, I was in shock.”

(Photo source: Twitter)


  1. Strange ! I can’t believe these so called intellectuals critics do not know according to law of land – ” Any person is innocent unless proven guilty !” How can they call an undertrial Godman a criminal ? And why they can’t support such a noble cause which is proven very beneficial for our society and nation ?Vested interests of this anti social ,anti national left wing fring group must be investigated seriously !

  2. Worst state of journalism ! #Media420 has crookedly pronounced the revered Godman H.H.Asharamji Bapuji ‘rape accused’ whera as there is no such charge in F.I.R. Why media create social unrest ? ‘Who’ and ‘what’ is behind this anti national mischief of media ? Must be taken seriously now !

  3. Janta ka Reporter simply seems out to leave a section of janta while reporting. Rather than anger people are actually welcoming this move and put it better than [blunt oppose, lathi charge and policing] we may have come across several times in past years. Asharam Bapu is trying to divert it all in very peaceful and constructive way, which i applaud.


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