Indrani and Peter Mukerjea charged with Sheena Bora’s murder by CBI court


A special CBI court, with respect to Sheena Bora murder case has charged her mother Indrani Mukerjea and step-father Peter Mukerjea have been charged with murder and conspiracy.

The 25 year old Sheena Bora was strangled and buried near Mumbai, almost five years ago.

The trial for the murder case will begin on February 1.

Sheena’s father and Indrani’s former husband Sanjeev Khann have also been charged with the attempted murder of Sheena’s brother Mikhail Bora.

According to CBI, the motive behind this attempted murder was reported to be Mikhail’s constant questioning regarding the whereabouts and sudden disappearance of his sister Sheena.

Sheena Bora
Indrani Mukerjea was a popular name in Mumbai’s socialite world. Wife of a media baron, Peter Mukerjea, she hobnobbed with the rich and famous!

The fourth accused in the case is Shyamwar Rai, Idnrani’s driver who allegedly lent a helping hand in the murder, CBI said.

CBI also adds, that Sheena’s murder was the result of a property dispute between her and Indrani. Peter Mukerjea was aware of the murder plan all along.

Indrani Mukerjea allegedly strangled her daughter Sheena in April 2012, inside a car near Mumbai. Her husband, Peter and driver too helped in the strangling and burial.

The body was found later in 2015, half burnt in the forests. The discovery was then followed by the arrest of Indrani Mukherjea in August 2015.

The lawyers for the respondents, Indrani and Peter have argued that the charges against them cannot be probed by CBI



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