India’s reputation tarnished abroad: Rahul Gandhi after visiting areas of Delhi affected by recent genocide


Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has said that the recent carnage aimed at Muslims in Delhi had tarnished India’s image globally. Speaking to reporters after visiting the affected areas, Gandhi said, “When violence occurs in the country, in the capital of the country, it tarnishes the reputation of India all over the world.”

Rahul Gandhi

The Congress lawmaker from Kerala’s Waynad added, “Brotherhood, unity and love have been the strength of the country. That has been damaged. Such politics has not just damaged this school but has also hurt our country and Bharat Mata. Our reputation all over the world, which is essential for the future, has been torched here.”

The recent genocide in Delhi in the immediate aftermath of inflammatory speeches made by BJP leaders including Kapil Mishra, caused large-scale violence in the national capital, leaving at least 47 people, mostly Muslims, killed.

The rioters also burnt down schools and mosques. Reacting to an incident of a school being burnt, Gandhi said, “This school is the future of India and here hatred and violence have devastated it, burnt it down. No one has benefited from this act. Violence and hatred are the enemies of development and whatever is happening today, India is being divided, being torched, Mother India do not benefit from such actions. It is a time of pain and I have come here to tell you that all of us will have to unite and work together with love and India can be taken forward only by uniting all sections in the country.”

Curiously, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has not yet visited the riot-affected areas even though Muslims voted en masse to give his Aam Aadmi Party another historic mandate.

The topic also dominated the proceedings in the parliament where the Congress demanded a debate on the recent genocide of Delhi.




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