Indian origin engineer to be deported from Australia for stalking his employer’s daughter


An Indian-origin engineer currently working in Australia will be deported back to India after being fined $2,000 for ‘stalking his employer’s daughter.’

Indian-born Abhinav Singh, 33, holds a Canadian passport, pleaded guilty to swamping his employer’s daughter, who was also his colleague, with hundreds of text messages, phone calls and voice messages in Queensland’s Gladstone city.

According to a report published in Gladstone Observer on Monday, Singh pleaded guilty before the Gladstone Magistrates Court to stalking the woman between July 14 and August 28.

“I am guilty, I plead guilty,” Singh was quoted as saying during the hearing.

Prosecutor Nina Sulzer told magistrate Mark Morrow that the man professed his love saying: “I have now officially declared a war to get ***** at any cost.”

Sulzer said that the woman in question was never interested romantically with Singh, but he was able to obtain her mobile phone number using office records.

“She (the victim) believes he was living in fantasy land. She was in no way romantically inclined towards him and she sought the assistance of the police,” Sulzer was quoted.

Singh, when told by the police to stay away from the girl, said he would continue to pursue the woman until he got a message from her stating she did not love him.

“I’m in love with *****. It’s my right to express my love to her. I will continue to call her,” he told police.

Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection later arrested Singh, who is now being held at a Queensland detention centre.

“His stupidity of behaviour will cause long-lasting consequences to his wife and children. He was here on a temporary resident’s visa. No, they are not filing for divorce at this stage,” defence lawyer Jun Pepito was quoted as saying.

Singh will be leaving behind his wife who is a doctor, and their two children.


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