Indian man attacked on the head during hate crime in New Jersey


An elderly man was left bleeding on the road in a New Jersey neighbourhood in USA after being attacked last week in a bias crime committed because he was an Indian.

Rohit Patel, 57 and now Indian-American, sustained serious injuries including broken teeth, stitches on his mouth and forehead. He was knocked down and beaten over the head by Nyle Kilgore in North Brunswick last week.

Police had taken Kilgore, 24, into custody and later released him on bail, a report in CBSNew York said. Kilgore was charged with bias intimidation and aggravated assault.

A string of attacks have taken place recently on men of Indian descent in the New Jersey area.

“My dad is a very fragile, innocent man who was just on his daily walk,” said Dipen Patel in the CBS report.

“What went through your mind to see him and actually want to cause him pain?” Patel said, adding that his father was walking in the neighbourhood when someone got out of the car and stopped nearby.

The attacker followed Patel for less than a minute before knocking him out with a large blow to his head.

“I don’t understand how you can have someone who is continuously committing hate crimes, violent hate crimes, and he’s able to get out the same night,” the son said questioning why Kilgore had been granted bail.

With the attacker now out of jail, Patel said he is afraid to move out in the vicinity like so many other Indians in New Jersey.

Patel and his wife had moved to New Jersey from United Kingdom in May and now are thinking of going back. A lot of Indians live in the New York and New Jersey areas of USA.

In recent times, Indian-Americans have also been the target of robberies during the days of Diwali when families have a lot of gold and cash at home.



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