“Indian judicial system has become a joke”: How shocking acquittal of Hindutva zealots in Babri Masjid demolition case left civil society shocked and angry


The special court in Lucknow on Wednesday sensationally acquitted all 32 living accused in the Babri Masjid demolition case, 28 years after the shameful act by Hindutva zealots triggered countrywide pogroms killing thousands of people, mostly Muslims. Special judge SK Yadav said that the demolition of the 16th-century Islamic place of worship was pre-planned.

Babri Masjid demolition case

The judge said in his verdict, “To prove an offence under Section 153 A and 153 A of IPC (Indian Penal Code), the prosecution has to prove that which accused gave what specific speech that led to enmity between two groups and led to a breakdown in communal harmony. If the accused have merely given an inciting speech only on that basis the person cannot be pronounced guilty.”

The verdict left India’s civil society shocked triggering angry reactions on Twitter.

The demolition of Babri Masjid had triggered countrywide pogroms leaving thousands of people, mostly Muslims, dead. The trial, which lasted for 28 years, was conducted under Sections 147/153-A/153-B/295/295-A/505 IPC read with Sections 149 and 120B IPC.

Judge SK Yadav was scheduled to retire on 30 September 2019 but was given an extension to complete the trial.

The Supreme Court had extraordinarily restored the criminal conspiracy charge against  Advani, Joshi, and Bharti in the case in April 2017. The apex court had also said that the trial against the accused will take place in a time-bound manner together with another case currently underway against karsevaks.


  1. Arent Several painful chapters of Hindus sufferings by foreign invaders of Islam and Christian rulers were significant. So many important temples, scriptures, universities, identity of Hindus were destroyed and Hindus were killed and converted brutally. Even History in our school books made Mughals heroes and all great hindu kings are not talked much. Both the leading religions of the world today has occupied so many countries but Hindus has no one country of their own. Still their identity oppressed and suppressed even today by their own brothers & sisters. Babri masjid was not operational and no prayers done bfore so it was never considered as a holy Masjid. Hindus in so called Secular Hindustan never dared to demolish the compound wall of any masjid whr as on the other side even today so many temples were demolished in the name of development. Why Pseudo seculars dont talk abt this? Are these not painful chapters in modern Indian history?


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