Indian home ministry can’t define ‘Hindu’


You would have thought that of all the political parties, the BJP was best suited to explain what the word Hindu stood for. But the Union Home Ministry currently being run by a Hindu nationalist party, has no clue about the definition of the word ‘Hindu,’ an RTI reply has revealed.

According to news agency PTI, while replying to an RTI query by Neemuch resident Chandrashekhar Gaur, the ministry said it did not know the definition of the word Hindu.

“To my query under RTI about the meaning and definition of the word Hindu in the light of the Indian Constitution and the law, the Home Ministry in its reply on July 31 said the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) doesn’t have information regarding it,” said Gaur, a resident of Neemuch district in Madhya Pradesh.

Gaur also said that he was baffled by the ministry’s reply to his another question that on what grounds a community was considered Hindu, and why Hindus were considered to be a majority community in India?

He said, “If the government doesn’t know the meaning and definition of the word Hindu, on what basis did it enact the Hindu Marriage Act?”

The fresh revelation will baffle not just the RTI activist but many BJP supporters too. The ruling BJP has persued or championed issues arguing it was doing so for India’s majority Hindu population. Several of its ministers have gone on record talking about the need to increase Hindu population in India, building Ram Temple in Ayodhya and enforcing Uniform Civil Code.


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