Indian censor board chief Prasoon Joshi pulls out of Jaipur Lit Festival amidst threats from Karni Sena terrorists


Indian Censor Board Chief Prasoon Joshi has decided to pull out of this year’s Jaipur Literature Festival amidst raging controversy over Padmaavat. Karni Sena terrorists were reportedly angry over his decision to issue a certificate to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film for the release.

Prasoon Joshi
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Will not be attending JLF this year and must say will miss sharing great moments with literature and poetry lovers. I am doing this so that the dignity of the event does not get compromised or discomfort caused either to the organisers, fellow writers or the attendees,” Joshi, a noted lyricist, said in a statement issued by the organisers of the event.

Joshi was scheduled to take part in a session titled “Main aur Woh: Conversations with Myself.” The Karni Sena terrorists had threatened that he will not be allowed to attend the prestigious event.

The statement from Joshi added, “The issue around the film “Padmaavat” — I did my job and sincerely took a sensitive and balanced call. As I have said earlier, certification was done with due processes, incorporating valid suggestions whilst staying mindful to the concerns of the society as well as to the canvas of cinema. It’s sad that we are not relying on genuine peaceful dialogue. It’s important that we keep mutual trust and faith in each other and our institutions so that the issues don’t reach this far.”

Meanwhile, Rajasthan Chief Minister, oblivious to the deteriorating law and order situation in her state, kept herself busy with a road show in order to drum up support for her party’s candidate in the Ajmer by-elections.


  1. Joshi’s absence in the literary festival will be a great disappointment to the literary lovers and public. The fear of threats indicate that the nation is in the grip of fanatics who want to disturb peace

  2. Prasoon Joshi has acted wisely in not attending the Literary Festival because of opposition by Rajput groups. As explained by the well known historian Kapil Kumar the movie Padmavat was cleared in hurry despite his objections. The allegation has cast doubts about the conduct of the Censor Board chief.
    Ram Ohri


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