Indian ambassador in Kabul says everyone at Mazar consulate safe


Indian ambassador to Afghanistan has confirmed that everyone at the Indian consulate in Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif, which came under attack by unidentified gunmen on Sunday night was safe.

Amar Sinha’s tweet said that security forces were clearing the area, India’s Ambassador to Afghanistan said.

His tweet read, “Thanks. All safe. Clearing operations around the consulate ongoing. Senior security officials at site.”

PTI quoted B Sarkar, Consul General at the consulate as saying that the shooting lasted for 20 minutes.

He said, “They shot from some adjacent building but nobody could enter the consulate.”

There was no immediate comment from the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi, which said further details are awaited.

The latest strike is yet another attack targetting Indian interests in war-torn Afghanistan.

The attack took place even as the encounter by the security forces with Pakistani terrorists who attacked IAF base in Pathankot in Punjab yesterday continued for the second day.


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