Indian Air Force plane carrying 29 people goes missing


An Indian Air Force plane with 29 people on board has gone missing while flying from Chennai to Port Blair today.

The IAF’s AN-32 plane took off from Tambaram (Chennai) for Port Blair at 8:30 am. It made last contact 16 minutes later before disappearing into oblivion.

indian air force Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 fighter jet aircraft iaf crash Bison R-77bvraam (6)

The aircraft can fly for up to four hours without refuelling.

The IAF, Navy and Coast Guard have launched a joint search and rescue operation but there hasn’t been any official statement on the matter.

Captain D K Sharma, Navy PRO, said an overdue procedure has been issued and the navy has launced full scale SAR to look for the aircraft. He also said the aircraft started from Chennai at 8:30 it was supposed to land at Port Blair at 11:30.

Meanwhile, Coast Guard said their reconnaissance Dornier aircraft has reached the site from where the IAF plane had sent the signals for the last time.

“Our Dornier (plane) has reached the site where the signals were sent by the (IAF) aircraft for the last time. We are looking for clues,” said a senior Coast Guard official.

Coast Guard has rushed four ships–ICGS Sagar and Samudra Pehredar from Chennai and ICGS Rajshree and ICGS Rajveer from Port Blair–to the spot. Another ship ICGS Vishwasth has been on stand-by at Prot Blair.

“The ships should reach the spot by night. But the rough sea is making the operations difficult,” the official added.


  1. `The last radio contact with the AN-32 was at 8:46AM, just 16minutes after it took off from the Tambaram air base in Chennai on a routine courier flight to Port Blair. Investigation is not trustworthy. Within 16 minutes ,the distance covering 151 nautical miles. It may merely be diverted and directed by using submarines. Not taking any other scientific research methods to search whether it was drowned using advanced measuring tools. Not taking help of neighbor countries Radar systems help for signals identification. Aeronautical engineers estimation, identification and rescue is not efficient as China.
    The totality of efforts using other sources are invain if the Antonov-32 not found.


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