India Today’s video on saree wearing women in lavatory, lecherous men at workplace evoke condemnation


India Today recently carried a video on how wearing a saree in office for working women was ‘one hell of an uphill climb.’ The video has now evoked angry reactions from social media users, who condemned the media group for demeaning both women and men.

In the video, India Today had attempted to illustrate how a woman in saree at her workplace went through great ordeal. A woman was shown struggling to carry office files while climbing the stairs because she was in saree, while another woman was distastefully shown llifting her saree up to her knee before entering the toilet. On her exit, the toilet paper was shown stuck in between the layers of her draped saree.

The video, which was believed to have been shot using the India Today staff as actors, also showed some menfolk lecherously ogling at the exposed back of the female colleague wearing the saree and blouse.

As expected, the video evoked angry reactions from both men and women, who felt the media group had simply gone too far in order to create a viral video.

Here are the video and some reactions;


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