India to Nepal leaders: Speak responsibly on bilateral ties


India has taken serious exception to a statement made by Nepali Minister Satya Narayan Mandal.

Mandal, during a press conference in Biratnagar on Monday, had alleged that India was planning to send Indian soldiers in plain clothes into Nepal.

“India cannot send the army in uniform, so there’s a chance of soldiers entering Nepal in plain clothes,” he said.

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In a press statement issued in Kathmandu on Tuesday, the Indian Embassy termed Mandal’s comments as provocative, baseless and ill-intentioned.

“Coming from a responsible person holding the post of minister in the Government of Nepal, the comments are even more disconcerting and have the potential to adversely affect the cordial relations between India and Nepal,” the Indian mission said.

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The embassy also strongly condemned the minister’s comments, and urged all responsible people to refrain from doing or saying anything that may negatively impact the age-old cordial ties between India and Nepal.

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“India seeks peace, stability and prosperity for the people of Nepal. India has consistently supported the government and people of Nepal in their efforts to attain these objectives, and shall continue to do so,” the statement said.


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