India surpasses Spain to become 5th worst-affected COVID-19 country; number of positive cases reach nearly 2,50,000


India has become the fifth-worst affected COVID-19 country in the world after it surpassed Spain with the number of positive cases climbing to nearly 2,50,000. The number of people dying of coronavirus has also continued to rise alarmingly despite one of the harshest lockdown imposed for two months.


Only countries ahead of India in terms of the most number of positive cases of COVID-19 are the US, Brazil, Russia and the UK.

Maharashtra remains the worst-hit Indian state with 2,849 deaths, while Gujarat continues to occupy the second spot with 1,190 deaths. There has been a sharp rise in the number of positive cases and fatalities in Delhi in the last few days. India’s national capital has now reported more than 26,000 positive COVID-19 cases and the number of deaths has risen to 708. This effectively means that Delhi has now become the third worst-hit Indian state by the coronavirus pandemic.

Delhi’s Arvind Kejriwal government has also come under fire for not providing adequate facilities to treat COVID-19 patients. Twitter has been inundated with complaints of private hospitals refusing to admit patients carrying COVID-19 symptoms. In other instances, some patients complained that there was a glaring disparity in what the mobile app launched by the Delhi government claimed on the availability of beds and reality.

Faced with complaints, Kejriwal on Saturday issued an ultimatum to the city’s private hospitals saying that they will face consequences if they refused COVID-19 patients in the future. He tweeted, “No hospital can now deny admission to “suspect” patients.”

The Centre’s Narendra Modi government too has come under plenty of criticism for the failure of the nationwide lockdown to check the spread of the deadly virus. The sudden alarming spike in COVID-19 cases in India has coincided with the government easing restrictions on the lockdown. Malls and religious places are set to open from 8 June with offices and shops already resuming their operations.


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