India most corrupt country in Asia Pacific region: Transparency International report


Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed to have made several attempts to tackle corruption in India ever since he assumed office in May 2014. The infamous demonetisation was one such step, that has had catastrophic effect on the Indian economy.

india corrupt country

But a latest survey by Transparency International has declared India as the most corrupt country in the whole of Asia Pacific region puncturing the government’s claims on significantly reducing graft from the country.

The Transparency International report said, “India had the highest bribery rate of all the countries surveyed, where nearly seven in 10 people who had accessed public services had paid a bribe. Japan had the lowest bribery rate, with 0.2 per cent of respondents reporting paying a bribe.”

More than half of the respondents from India said that they had paid bribes while dealing with five out of sic public service departments namely schools, hospitals, ID documents, police, and utility services.

The top five most corrupt countries were India, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan and Myanmar.

The bribery rate for India was 69% while the same was 65% for Vietnam, 41% for Thailand and both Pakistan and Myanmar had 40% bribery rate each in their countries.

The Transparency International’s commentary on graft further added, “Bribery rates for countries vary considerably across the region – from 0.2 per cent in Japan to 69 per cent in India. What is clear is that public sector graft is a crime that affects men and women, young and old, and rich and poor, and must be urgently addressed in order to further social progress in the region.”

The latest finding on corruption will be a setback to the central government in general and Modi in particular as tackling graft has been termed as one of the most important items on their agenda of governance.



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