Modi confused, incompetent PM: AAP after new curbs on cash


AAP today termed Narendra Modi an “incompetent and a confused Prime Minister who changes decisions everyday” after new curbs were imposed on depositing scrapped notes and accused the government of resorting to “economic terrorism”.

Coming out with 59 circulars relating to regulations pertaining to notes-ban in less than 50 days “proves that the Prime Minister does not know what he is doing,” AAP leader Ashutosh said.
incompetent confused Prime Minister

“The country wanted a strong Prime Minister, but has got a weak one. He is incompetent and confused, who changes his own decisions everyday,” he alleged.

Tightening rules for depositing demonetised notes, the government had yesterday said individuals can deposit over Rs 5,000 in old currency bills only once until December 30 and that too after explaining why it has not been done so far.

Initially, after banning old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes on November 8, the government had allowed people to deposit scrapped currency notes in bank accounts till December 30 and there was no limit to the amount that can be deposited.

“The finance minister (Arun Jaitley) and the Prime Minister have been consistently urging people not to rush to deposit old notes as the deadline is December 30. Now there are new curbs.

“So were the Prime Minister and the finance minister lying then or are they misleading the people now,” Ashutosh asked.

AAP’s Delhi unit convener Dilip Pandey alleged the Union government is busy undertaking public relations exercise, but does not answer questions related to demonetisation nor is it giving any correct picture of the on-going “crisis”.

“This is nothing, but economic terrorism, which has allegedly taken lives of over 100 people. Will the government ever accept responsibility for the loss of lives,” he asked.


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