In one meeting Smriti Irani shouted at an IIT director asking if he was TV anchor (Arnab Goswami)


Historian Ram Guha has accused Smriti Irani of being a combination of arrogance and ignorance.

Speaking to NDTV, Guha, who incidentally also taught at Yale University recounted one incident of Irani’s high-handedness with senior professors and academics.

He said, “At one meeting, an IIT director asked her a question to which she said, “Do you think you are a TV anchor to ask me such questions? She also named the TV anchor!”


The anchor in question was  suspected to be Times Now’s Arnab Goswami.

Professor Guha said that the only reason he was able to criticise her without fear of persecution was because he was based in Bengaluru and earned a living writing books and columns.

He called her “whimsical” accusing her of frequently changing the policies.

He said, “The academic community will welcome her exit.”

Her replacement, Prakash Javadekar, according to Guha, is “polite at least and respects scholars and scientists.

“However, the new minister must steer clear of being influenced by the RSS,” Mr Guha stressed.

Political circle is abuzz with rumours that Irani was shown the door because of her inept handling of Rohith Vemula case and the subsequent agitation on JNU campus.

She was also in news for frequently losing temper on social media and series of gaffes that followed.


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