In Modi’s presence, President Mukherjee reminds governors to uphold ‘sanctity of Constitution’


President Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday reminded governors the importance of the constitutional positions they held and the need to ‘uphold the sanctity of the Constitution.’

Addressing the 47th Conference of Governors at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Mukherjee said, ““Our nation has grown from strength to strength since independence (and) it is primarily due to our steadfast adherence to the principles enshrined in our Constitution.

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His comments, made in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, assume significance as the opposition parties accuse the central government of ‘murdering the constitution’ with the help of its appointed governors.

The BJP is currently facing the heat over Governor J P Rajkhowa’s decision to dismiss an elected government of the Congress party in Arunachal Pradesh.

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“The constitution is an endearing document that reflects our aspirations and the avenues to achieve them in an inclusive manner. “It is incumbent on us all who hold constitutional positions to maintain the sanctity of this sacred text,” he said.

The decision to impose President’s Rule in Arunachal has been challenged by Congress in Supreme Court, where the hearing is currently underway.

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This is not the first time President Mukherjee has spoken indirectly chiding the central government. He had made several comments during the intolerance debate reminding the central government of its duty to ensure peace and harmony in the state.

In fact, analysts say, that it was President Mukherjee’s public chiding that had prompted PM Modi to break his silence on Dadri incident.




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