Confession of Pakistani woman cricketer is a slap to war-mongering Indian channels


When the fixtures for India and Pakistan were announced for the just concluded Champions Trophy cricket tournament, channels such as Times Now, Republic and Zee News ran a concerted campaign against two neighbours playing a cricket match.

Imtiaz Kainat
Photo: From Kainat’s Instagram page


Then there were some right-wing usual suspects working for other TV channels, who too joined the chorus on social media media platforms campaigning against an Indo-Pak cricket match.

Their arguments were that India must not engage with Pakistan even in sporting competitions as long as its sponsored terrorism continued to wreak havoc on the Indian soil.

After having beaten their arch-rivals early on in the competition, India lost to Pakistan in the finals.

So, when Indian and Pakistani women cricket teams met in the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup on Sunday, some news channels were very quick to declare it as an opportunity avenge the defeat of the men’s team in the Champions Trophy final.

As expected, Pakistani women were no match to the Indian cricketers and lost the match decisively.

Hours after their defeat to Indians, an instagram post by a Pakistani woman cricketer has gone viral.

In her post, Kainat Imtiaz, has made a stunning confession how it was one Indian woman cricketer, who had inspired her to become a fast bowler 12 years ago.

Her moving Instagram post said, “Let me share a story with you all. In 2005 i saw the Indian team for the 1st time as the Asia cup was held in Pakistan. I was the ball picker during the tornament… I saw Jhulan Goswami. The fastest bowler of that time. I was so impressed that i chose cricket as a career. Specificly fast bowling.

“Its a proud moment for me as after 12 years today in 2017 i am playing this ODI World Cup with one of my inspirations and getting more inspired.”

Imtiaz’s confession is indeed a slap to those war mongers in the Indian media, who clearly fail to realise the impact India as a country is having on the people in the neighbouring country.


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