Imran Khan tells UNGA that RSS believes in ethnic cleansing of Muslims, RSS considers it compliment


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday delivered a speech in the United National General Assembly. All eyes were on Khan since this was the first speech at a global forum since the Indian government abrogated Article 370. Not only Khan slammed the Indian government for the violations of human rights in the valley but also stunned his Indian opponents by raising the militant ideology of the BJP’s ideological parent, the RSS, at the UNGA. Khan said that the ideologies of the RSS and Hitler and Mussolini were the same.

Imran Khan

The Pakistani prime minister said, “I have to explain what the RSS is. Mr (Narendra) Modi is a ‘life member’ of the RSS. RSS was an organisation, which was inspired by Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. Came about in 1925. They believed in racial purity and racial superiority. They also believed that they were the Aryan race like the Nazis believed they were the Aryan race.”

“All that I am saying (here) can be verified. This RSS believes in ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India. There is a hatred (by RSS) for Muslims and Christians. They believe that the golden age of Hinduism halted because of Muslim rule. They openly stated hatred for Muslims and Christians. This is all open knowledge. You can all just google the founding fathers of the RSS like Golwalker and Sarvarkar. This ideology of hate murdered the great Mahatma Gandhi in 1948.”

Khan said that this ‘hate ideology that made Narendra Modi in 2002 do a pogrom against Muslims in Gujarat when he was the chief minister. allowed RSS goons under Modi’s’ term as Chief Minister of Gujarat.” More than 2,000 Muslims were massacred in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani prime minister earned plaudits from his supporters and politically neutral analysts alike for exposing the RSS at the international forum. Columnist Ashok Swain wrote on Twitter, “Imran Khan as expected spoke mostly on #Kashmir at UN Gen Assembly. At the same time, he also targeted RSS saying that it is training terrorists who are killing Muslims. For the first time probably, Hindutva terror has been mentioned not only in UNGA but in any intl organization.” This tweet by Swain has received more than 27,000 likes and almost 9,000 shares.

Pakistani journalist Kamran Khan wrote on Twitter, “Incredible speech by @ImranKhanPTI at UN, Unmasked Modi warned UN Indian atrocities against Kashmiris pushing India Pakistan to the brink of nuclear war RSS ideology radicalising 180 Indian Muslims Best speech ever by a Pakistani leader at the UN Today we proud of Imran Khan.”

Responding to Khan’s allegations that the RSS believed in the ethnic cleansing of Muslims, the Sangh’s joint general secretary Krishna Gopal appeared to take the Pakistani prime minister’s extraordinary criticism as a compliment.  Gopal thanked Khan for ‘spreading the RSS’s name across the world.’



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