IIT rectifies answer keys, admits errors


Conceding having made errors before in its previously published answer keys, IIT has made corrections in its answer keys for the Physics and Mathematics paper of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

The rectification came after receiving directions from Delhi high court, following a PIL. The HC in its order of May 2014 had directed JEE to receive objections in the answer keys from stakeholders.

In its first Physics answer key released last Monday, IIT had said the correct answer for question 12 is either option C or D. Instead, it should have been C and D. Consequently, students who marked either C or D got full four marks, while students who marked both C and D as correct got only -2. The modified answer key has added C and D also as correct answer. The marking scheme for this question is: 4 marks if only the bubble(s) corresponding to all the correct option(s) is (are) darkened, zero marks if none of the bubble is darkened and -2 in the rest of the cases.

As per the earlier answer key, most students who attempted the question would have gotten -2 marks, despite solving the question correctly.  Now,  full 4 marks would be awarded to all those students who marked correct choices of C and D.

IIT did the second correction in mathematics question number 48 of Paper II,  where the correct answer was 9. The modified answer key now says that “considering the level of the question, 4 marks will be awarded to all the candidates”. All the candidates, irrespective of attempting this question or not, will get four marks.

IIT acknowledged changes in physics question number 19 but has decided not to award marks. The question was a ‘match the column’ type question: column I had four entries: A, B, C, D and column II had five entries: P, Q, R, S, T. For each entry in column I, students had to darken the bubbles of all the matching entries in column II.

However, due to ambiguity in the question, IIT announced two correct answers: either (R) or (R) and (T).  Students who only blackened option T will receive negative marking.


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