If war and martyrdom that you want, fight the good fight, face to face, don’t hide behind Lashkar terrorists


Major (retired) Gaurav Arya

Open letter to Pakistan Army chief General Raheel Sharif

Dear General,

I start by accepting that the difference in seniority between us would take a remarkably gifted physicist to fathom. You are a serving general, Chief of the Pakistan Army, no less. And I am an ex-Indian Army officer, a sometime company commander of Charlie Company, 17 Kumaon Regiment. Having tabled the obvious, I must now state what is on my mind.

We are adversaries, not enemies. Your enemies sit beside you. I would expect a soldier of your remarkable caliber and wisdom to understand this. It is not the divisions to your East that threaten you. It is the hordes to your West that will unravel the story of Pakistan. You are the most credible leader that Pakistan has had for a long time. That, Sir, is not much of a compliment but that is all that is factually available. We do not want war with you. Truth be told, the last thing we want is a war with you. But the Indian Army is not ornamental, as you may have noted to your detriment in 1948, 1965, 1971 and Kargil.

I do not know if India supports the secessionist movement in Balochistan. Company commanders in charge of a post and a few bunkers are normally not privy to such information. However, I hope we do. Do we fund the MQM? Not something that a person of my insignificance would know. However, I hope we do.

In the last 72 hours, we have lost our brothers (officers and other ranks) not to the terrorists whom you breed and train to give you strategic depth, but to their own extraordinary heroism. They could have put an 84 mm Carl Gustav HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) round into the buildings that were housing the terrorists. God knows, the Israelis and the Americans would have done so gladly. But that would have meant loss of innocent lives; something that our code of honour does not allow. So these brave young men took bullets to their chest. Just like that.

These games of brinksmanship that you think you are so adept at playing have started to backfire. The snakes that you bred in your backyard for biting India are now biting your own. They are killing your children in schools, your young in mosques and your people in their beds. And yet your obsession with India refuses to abate. You still do not realize that your snakes owe you no loyalty. It is in their nature to bite. They eat their own.

The Indian Army is willing and capable of extraordinary violence. We fight and we train. That’s all that we ever do. On 6 December 1971 you lost your elder brother, Maj. Rana Shabbir Sharif, Nishan-e-Haidar to an Indian army tank commander. I grieve for you. You lost half your country on 16 December 1971. I celebrate it.

Balochistan constitutes 44% of Pakistan’s landmass. Karachi contributes 20% to your GDP.

Sir, with the above-stated facts reiterated for your kind information, you may want to reconsider and re-evaluate your policies vis-à-vis India.

And if it is really war and martyrdom that you want, fight the good fight… man to man…face to face. Don’t hide behind brainwashed Lashkar terrorists, teenage stone throwers in downtown Srinagar and traitors from JNU. Maj. Rana Shabbir Sharif, Nishan-e-Haidar died fighting like an officer and a hero. Stop hiding behind facades. Make your brother proud.

We are waiting.

Maj. Gaurav Arya (Veteran)
17th Battalion, The Kumaon Regiment
Indian Army


  1. Major Gaurav (Retd),

    I feel pity on your above comments where you wrote “Fight Like Officers”, does IA really know what is an officer like behaviour? Can you please explain for the info of ur countrymen and the world about the below :-

    a. Involvement of IA in bangladesh and supporting the Mukhti Bahni,
    b. Supporting the banned outfits in Pakistan
    c. Funding the terrorist activities in Pak
    d. Funding, training and sp TTP
    e. Invilvement of IA on attk of Sri Lanken cricket team in lahore.

    The list is never ending, but the difference here is that once the same applies to you, you ppl start crying like “Loosers”.

    Therefore before giving the suggestions for a hand to hand or face to face fight, look at yourself in mirror and ask yourself “Are you Capable enough”? Cerfinally not, because your Army has tried in Past many times and they got the befitting reply, how can we forget your coward Maj General Nirangen Parshad GOC 15 Div who ran like a rat and his official Jeep is still kept at one of our regiment.

    Above in view, instead of approaching Gen Raheel, advise your COAS (i dont know the name of your cheif) and your govt to start behaving like Officers and Professionals. And have the guts to fight Face to Face.


  2. Sir, you talked about Maj. Rana Shabbir Sharif’s (Nishan-e-Haider) shahadat twice in your letter solely to provoke hatred but believe me without knowing you, I now know why you never reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in your career.


    Major Gaurav,
    Good Day.

    1. First of all, I would like to greet you that at last you felt talking to your neighbour though through editorial. I take this way that you were refusing earlier to talk at any forum or even to play cricket due to unknown anxiety. You address your message directly to our COAS in spite knowing military norms and customs. Anyhow, you are senior to me in age and service but we are equal in ranks at the moment.
    2. You said that India does not want war withPakistan. However, I see, out of 13 x Indian Army Corps, 7 x Corps are poised towards Pakistan among all of your seven neighbors. Cheers, at least you value us with more than 27 combat divisions salute day and night. Having presence of 1:5 in Indian Occupied Kashmir (Worlds Most Militarized Zone) you could not succeed at any front whether moral, ethical or militarily. With the passage of 70 years, you were not able to quench the flames of passion for Independence
    rather it has become more intense and deep that you can now hear at your backyard.
    Manifestation of which you must have seen and heard in Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi, where your own voiced pro freedom and anti-India slogans. As a Coy Commander myself, who is also not privy to such info that Pakistan supports Kashmir legitimate struggle or no, but I wish it do so, not because we
    hate India but our hearts beat with the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir and it is the same blood which runs in our veins.
    3. Secondly, You say you feel pain for your officers and soldiers that were killed in Pampore but alas, did you feel pain of more than 60,000 families whose loved ones have been martyred or missing by
    your occupied forces. Where was your code of honour when your men raped Kashmiri women and killed innocent children or do u remember incident of Kunan Poshpora or do u feel agony on the Hanging of Afzal Guru by your Lordship to satisfy the collective conscience of your people. Perhaps, you started getting
    afraid of dead so much that you refuse to handover his belongings / remains to his family. More so, the struggle which is nurtured through blood is never buried rather it is cultivated to spread greater and higher.
    4. Thirdly, Please, do not put blame of every shit that falls on your head at us. Yes we are capable enough but not so innovative yet that you start caging innocent pigeons out of fear for our love for them.
    5. Fourth, Yes I always remember 71, not because you orchestrated it but because I do not want to forget and do not let my hunger to go away to face you on some good day to celebrate the same but towards your side. Remember Kargil, when few like us hold you from your neck and you could not find enough caskets for your men and you conferred alive as dead your hero’s due to sheer chaos. Let me remind you that we are not the same anymore; rather we are more battle hardened. That’s why in the past having taking stroll towards us with all your adornments several times you dare not to cross the thin red line or perhaps you knew the consequences. At last Major, Whether it’s Hot or Cold, We Are Ready.
    Pakistan Army
    P.S I am enclosing a bullet with this letter, hope you leave your pen with whom you have so much of mastery over and let’s get to fight.

  4. Major Gaurav (Retard)
    Ur representing a country who’s history is full of injustices and intrigue, right before the partition, the decision to take away ferozpur n gurdaspur was made as a result of private relations between u know,, no minority is safe in ur country may it be muslim, chritian, dallats, sikhs. Indian didnt gave share of Pak at the time of partition, martyred millions of muslim migrating to Pak. Then forcefully annexed princely states, and occupied Kashmir, when it was about to fall ur PM went to UNO. Ur army was defeated in sixty five when u tried to fight as an army, man to man and wanted to capture Lahore. Later in seventy one u resorted to state terrorism in East Pakistan, Bengali’s refuse to join india, they are existing as a separate state and now using poor afghanies and Baluchies thats full of intrigues, if u hv bought few people that doesnt mean Pak cant resist u, u hv ten times large army than Pakistan but dare not attack, ur army came to borders many times but couldnt hv the courage to attack and went back.
    There are no snakes which u hv refereed in ur letter, actually they are mice of TTP being funded by u and ur god father, we hv taken and are taking care of them in a befitting manner. Its matter of time. What goes around comes around,

    Followers of chankiya, worshipers of shiv ling and cow urine drinkers cant hv a sane mind. we are united and with our brave armed forces when it comes to India. Ur dream to become super power and even a regional power will remain a dream.

    None of the neighbor is safe from ur evil actions and designs. Ur country is a threat to peace. Its unnatural union of people of different casts n religions, it has to break one day.
    A common Pak citizen.

  5. Dear Maj.,
    I hope this finds you in the best of health and spirits. Firstly, I shall certainly assure that being nothing but an ordinary citizen of Pakistan, I am not privy to information regarding Pakistan’s ops and support for separatist movements in India. I harbour no ill-will against Indians (though it is evident that you and your countrymen certainly do), however, I hope that Pakistan supports separatist movements in Indian-Occupied-Kashmir, not because of some sort of inborn hatred against India, but because my heart beats for the freedom of the Kashmiri people, whose land your occupational forces have hijacked.

    It is evident that Indians have a history of being spineless saps. Forgive the expression, however, these are my honest and unmuffled sentiments. You and your military establishment has sought to worsen bilateral relations b/w India and Pakistan since day one. It is interesting to note that whilst we had been promised several hundreds of tons of military equipment, we only received 3 truckloads (of which 1 was loaded with leftover prophylactics from WWII and the others was filled with obsolete rubbish). We had only 56 senior serving offrs. and there were serious restrictions with regard to mil. eqpmt. and manpower. We did not have a single armament/ordnance factory, nor did we have a single training institute (except for a few i.e., C&SCQ and ASCC in Naushera). Your leaders refused to send the agreed share of mil. eqpmt. and arms. Is that morally just, and worthy of the behaviour of an officer. Yet, we were able to capture almost half of Kashmir.

    Your involvement in supporting the Mukti Bahini is conveniently downplayed and forgotten. Why didn’t the Indian Army pick upon its moral stock and fight a full fledged war instead of using the Muktis as defence for almost a whole bloody year (with a month as well of fasting, might I add)? You seem to not understand the dynamics of warfare either (which is rather concerning) viz., a military never wins a war. It is always the nation which wins the war. Gains in the battlefield (i.e., tactical, operational and strategic) do play a part in a war, however, war is merely the projection of political goals through military means. As such, unless the political goals are pursued, the military objectives have no use. Case in point 1971; FM SHFJ Manekshaw praised the gallantry of our forces in ’71 and the performance of our forces in battlefields like Hilli, Jamalpur, Chhamb, Jaurian, Sulemanki sector, Qaisar e Hind and Shakargarh sector have repeatedly been praised by many a historian.

    The involvement of your country in the support of separatist elements (refer to Balochistan, Sindhudesh, and Pakhtoonistan) is not recent news. If you remain oblivious to such facts, in spite of people like Lateefullah Mehsud and Barhamdagh Bugti confessing to Indian support, then I believe it is folly trying to convince you.

    If it is “fighting like a man” you so desire, then so be it. To quote Lt. Col. Sultan Ahmed, “Let me see you with a STEN in your hand next time instead of the pen you seem to have such mastery over.”

    Now get on and fight.
    Yours sincerely,
    M.A. Mubashir


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