If NSA Ajit Doval is investigated, then truth about Pulwama terror attack will come out: Raj Thackeray


MNS leader Raj Thackeray has made a stunning allegation against National Security Advisor Ajit Doval accusing the Centre’s Narendra Modi government of orchestrating the Pulwama terror attack for political gains.

Ajit Doval
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Calling 45 CRPF soldiers, who died in the 14 February attack, ‘political victims,’ Thackeray said that the truth will come out if Doval was investigated. The MNS chief, according to news agency PTI, said while speaking in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, “If NSA Ajit Doval is investigated, then all the truth about the Pulwama terror attack will come out.”

Thackeray added, “At the time of the Pulwama attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was busy shooting for a film at Corbett National Park. Even after the news of the terror attack was flashed his shooting continued.”

The Congress had attacked Modi and his party, the BJP, for going ahead with their respective political programmes despite knowing about the deadliest terror attack on the Indian armed forces.

Many experts had suspected that the Modi government may create tension at the border ahead of the elections to beat the anti-incumbency by whipping up nationalist sentiments.

Sweden-based academic Ashok Swain had tweeted in December last year, “Mark my word – In the next 5 months, Modi will smile more in public and will cry more in public.
India should be also prepared for a major riot and/or a major border confrontation with Pakistan before the 2019 election.”

Many social media users saw a rationale in Thackeray’s attack. User Jimmy Patel wrote, “I think Raj Thackeray has some point because when every time attack happens no one is questioning fault of NSA Ajit Doval and no one is blaming him..while he is the primary party at default..so there might be some fishy… Investigation must be done.” Another user asked, “Is NSA is not responsible for intelligence failure of pulwama attack.”



  1. Raj Thackeray your statement is blasphemous. Like drinking and driving don’t go together – politics and National Security don’t go together.


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