“If an undertrial expresses a grievance, then you don’t punish him”: Delhi court to jail authorities after Umar Khalid alleges harassment inside prison


Former JNU students’ leader and activist, Umar Khalid, has alleged that he was forced to stay in solitary confinement and not allowed to speak to anyone inside the prison. According to Livelaw, Khalid said that when he complained to the Jail Superintendent, he was allowed to go out of his cell for 10 mins, but was asked to be inside again.

उमर खालिद
file: (PTI Photo)

“I need security but security cannot be such that I am not allowed to step out of my cell,” Khalid, who joined the hearing through video conferencing, told the court.

Khalid’s lawyer told the court that the activist must not suffer any ‘adverse consequence from jail authorities for complaining about them to the court.’

The court, while asking the Jail Suprindentant to be present during the hearing on Friday at 2 PM, told the prison authorities, “If an undertrial expresses a grievance, then you don’t punish him.”

The Delhi Police had last month arrested Khalid under the draconian Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act(UAPA). The Delhi Police, which reports to the Ministry of Home Affairs headed by Amit Shah, has accused Khalid of being involved the northeast Delhi riots. The anti-Muslim pogrom of February in northeast Delhi had left at least 53 killed in February this year. The Delhi Police has come under widespread condemnation for their coercive action only largely against Muslims and framing activists on fake charges.


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