“I challenge Modi Ji to come on stage anywhere, anytime and debate over Rafale with me for just 15 minutes”


Congress President Rahul Gandhi has challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a debate on the Rafale deal ‘anywhere, anytime.’ Speaking in the poll-bound Chhattisgarh, also said what he will ask the prime minister if the latter accepted his challenge.


“I challenge Modi Ji to come on stage anywhere, anytime and debate over Rafale with me for just 15 minutes. I will talk about Anil Ambani, HAL, French President’s statements and the pricing of the jets. I will say that Defence Minister said clearly that it’s Prime Minister who did it. The Prime Minister did not follow the procedure. The CBI Director was removed at 2 am. He will not be able to answer my questions,” Gandhi was quoted by news agency ANI.

His challenge for a debate came just days after the Rafale deal dominated the proceedings in the Supreme Court, which heard the matter in detail before reserving its judgement.

Meanwhile, Gandhi has also attacked Modi for allegedly insulting farmers by justifying his demonetisation announcement, made two years ago. Taking to Twitter, Gandhi wrote, “Have you ever seen Mallya, ‘Mehul Bhai’ and Nirav Modi grow wheat? Modi ji, please don’t insult our farmers. First, you announce a note ban and commit scam by snatching poor farmers’ money to give them to suited-booted friends of yours. Now you are saying that farmers’ money was black money. India will not tolerate farmers’ insult.”

Modi, while speaking in Chhattisgarh had justified his demonetisation decision by making fun of those who protected their cash inside wheat stacks.

Chhattisgarh went to polls in the first phase on 12 November, while the second the last phase of polling will take place on 20 November. The counting will take place on 11 December along with Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana and Mizoram.


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